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Memorable TV intros

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TV intros that are as good as their showsBy Robert IsenbergSpecial to MSN TVThe truth: TV is not real life. And before we adjust to our two-dimensional stories, we usually need a warm-up.That's what title sequences are for: They give us a sample of what we're about to see. They name the actors, the writers and directors. Music gets us in the mood. The images spark our interest. TV intros are like gateways into another world, and, sometimes, we love them just as much as the shows themselves.Title sequences and theme music leave lasting impressions, and some have become pillars of pop culture. (You may not remember a single subplot from "M*A*S*H," but you remember Johnny Mandel's haunting song from its opening credits). Because intros have become an art unto themselves, we wanted to celebrate some of the most immortal title sequences: music and images that, in some cases, have far surpassed the shows they presented."The Twilight Zone""You unlock this door with the key of imagination." They just don't write voice-overs like that anymore. Everyone knows that creepy music, and the floating eyeball and E=MC2 smack of Cold War paranoia. The "Twilight Zone" intro captured the unique spirit of the show: A confident voice guides you into a world of surrealism and terror. Bing: 'The Twilight Zone'| More: Watch the introWhat TV show has your fave intro? Tell us at MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter.(CBS)
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