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Miley Cyrus a mommy-to-be? She responds to the pregnancy rumors ...

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Miley Cyrus can't stop making headlines, both real and fake. On Monday morning, the tongue-waggling popster prevented the Internet from melting down by laughing off rumors that she's expecting a bundle of joy with rapper-producer Juicy J (seen with her in June in the photo at left)."waking up to the news that I'm now pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby," she tweeted, before sharing an exchange she had with her close friend, Chayne Thomas.Me: "did you know I'm pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby this morning?" @CheyneThomas: "what are you gonna name it?" Me: "Juicy J Jr DUH"The story originated on satire site Cream Bmp Daily (no, we've never heard of it, either), which seemed to do its best to make the story as unbelievable as possible.Juicy J supposedly announced the blessed event at this weekend's BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta by telling the crowd, "I assure you she's been doing a lot more than twerking."According to the grammatically suspect site, "The crowd at first taking her announcement as a joke cried with laughter but after Miley screaming 'No, I'm really pregnant' she was met by a round of applause from the packed crowd."CBD also quoted her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, as saying, "She really broke my achy break heart.Oh, Internet, you can be so very, very gullible, but we still love you.Leaving aside that neither Miley nor Juicy J attended the BET Awards, would the newly minted PR mastermind really announce such big news onstage instead of, say, stripping down and showing off her swelling belly while curled in an adult-sized cradle?Anyhoo, even Miley's mom found the baby talk funny. "This is my favorite one yet!" tweeted Tish Cyrus. "hahahahaha."Since splitting with fiancé Liam Hemsworth earlier this month, the popster has denied rumors of a romance with moniker-challenged producer Mike WiLL Made-It. Want to know more about all things Miley? her MTV documentary, "Miley: The Movement," premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m.Click on for more photos of Miley's doings over the past month ...
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