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Mommie Meanest

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In time for Mother's Day, we look at movie moms who have serious maternal problems By Kim Morgan Special to MSN Movies Once a year, we take time to reflect on all the sacrifices, good deeds and sweet qualities of good old Mom. All those Mother's Day bouquets, cards and brunches are just a way to say, "We love you, Ma; you're perfect." But what if mom isn't so perfect? And we're not talking flaws like burning the chicken or forgetting to pick you up at volleyball practice. No, we mean like beating you with wire hangers, signing you up for a lobotomy, or turning you into a zombielike assassin to kill a major political figure. Bad moms aren't the norm in real life (and we here at MSN all love our mothers -- really), but they sure make terrific fodder for the ultimate evil figures on film. So, to counterbalance all the sweetness and light you'll be enduring on Mom's special day, we've listed our favorite meanest movie mommies. Read (but watch out for spoilers), enjoy, and make sure none of these end up in the DVD player at the end of the day: You may regret forgetting to send out that card. (Everett Collection)
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