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Most Memorable Celebrity Denials

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By Stacie Anthony and Gena Oppenheim"The dog ate my homework!" That excuse went right out the window when Shaggy released the hit song "It Wasn't Me" in 2000. The chart topper quickly became the anthem for "I didn't do it, I swear" stories heard round the world. In honor of the rapper's Oct. 22 birthday, we thought it would be fitting to list some of the all-time dumbest celebrity denials. Britney SpearsIt wasn't me … lip-syncingDon't get us wrong. We love Brit. But there's a reason why critics don't take her seriously as an artist -- they suspect that sometimes the "Work B----" star isn't really working, er, singing. Chicago's KISS FM recently brought up the speculation surrounding whether or not Brit would be singing live during her residency in Vegas. "I'm definitely going to be singing live, I always sing live," the superstar said. But who knows if that statement was Auto-Tuned or not ...
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