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10 cliché, unrealistic, mundane TV-character habitsBy Kenny HerzogSpecial to MSN TVWe all know and cherish the timeless slogan "It's not TV. It's HBO." And while that might be an accurate boast, it still doesn't mean HBO is real life. Unless, a la her "Sex and the City" alter ego Carrie Bradshaw, Candace Bushnell made an actual habit of keeping underwear on during intimate relations. But that familiar discrepancy is just one example of art on the small screen not quite reflecting everyday human behavior. It's long been accepted that television protagonists and villains find themselves doing unimaginable things amid implausible circumstances. How else could we have, say, "The Six Million Dollar Man" or, for that matter, "Revenge"? But in ways that recently appointed best sitcom ever "Seinfeld" could probably appreciate, it's the mundane details of interpersonal encounters and personal habits that so often get misrepresented on scripted series. Perhaps that's why we've turned so dedicatedly toward reality, although most of us would concur that "Real Housewives" and "The Real World" have long since failed to portray the ordinariness of common people. Which is why we'd like to put the onus back on network screenwriters to not only stretch the limits of their imagination, but stay attuned to the finer points that connect us in one way or other to who we see on TV. To that end, below are 10 cliché things that otherwise grounded television characters do and say that make us feel like they're from another planet. Bing: 'Revenge' | Watch clips and moreWhat TV cliché always makes you facepalm? Tell us at MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter."Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.(ABC)
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