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NTW - Lisa Germano


Lisa Germano, 'No Elephants'
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After fiddling for the likes of John Mellencamp, this immensely talented multi-instrumentalist released a series of stunning solo albums that showed off her prodigious skills as a player and a composer, and "No Elephants" continues that thread. The album's sense of melancholy is only enhanced by its precisely calibrated instrumentation, which includes contributions from some buzzing bees and lullaby-ready chimes. "No Elephants" is delicate and airy on the surface, but further listening reveals it to be quietly harrowing; Germano's vocal style causes the breaths she takes between words to be just as important to the syllables she's singing, and that deliberateness further helps make her songs' beautiful dread all the more palpable. - M.J.

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