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NTW - Robin Royksopp


Robyn and Royksopp, 'Do It Again'
Ever since "The Girl and the Robot," it's been clear that Royksopp and Robyn bring out the best in each other in a way that stands apart from each act's other collaborations: Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge help ground her flights of fancy, while she enlivens their sophistication. Released shortly before their mid-2014 joint tour, "Do It Again" makes the most of their partnership. The trio bookends the EP with two of the most introspective tracks to ever grace a Robyn-affiliated project. "Monument" begins things with the singer in a strikingly reflective mood, sighing "When the moment comes, I can say I did it all with love" as Brundtland and Berge craft an expansive, elegant atmosphere that continues on "Inside the Idle Hour Club," a somber expanse of looping synths and brass just barely pinned down by a hypnotic house beat. This low-key side is even more pronounced compared to Robyn's vibrant "Body Talk" era (Röyksopp's subdued album Senior is probably a more valid touchstone), but the EP's sugary pop center provides a welcome balance. The standout "Sayit," which features Robyn duetting with an amorous Speak & Spell over an increasingly frenetic, and kinetic, beat, takes "Do It Again's" sleek aesthetic in a more danceable direction and winks at "The Girl and the Robot"'s titular concept. The title track is another highlight, serving up the kind of complex feelings and sparkling dance-pop that are Robyn's trademarks as she contemplates resuming an on-again, off-again relationship. Fortunately, "Do It Again" is a much happier reunion of collaborators with perfectly matched strengths. -- Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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