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Oh Schmidt!

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TV characters who think they have gameBy Deanna BarnertSpecial to MSN TVSome players got game. Some don't. Then there's that third type: the guys who try so hard to prove they're players that they comes off desperate, cheesy and sometimes even offensive. In the real world, douche bags are usually just douche bags, whether they have game or not. In TV land, however, they tend to be clueless and painfully insecure good guys hiding in slimy suits. They also tend to deliver the best one-liners and catchphrases, making them beloved TV characters. As their series continue, growing up is inevitable. Even Barney Stinson learned meaningless sex can get old: Getting all the laughs, on the other hand, never does. Here's a rundown of MSN TV's favorite loveable TV letches, from Schmidt to DiNozzo."Schmidt happens!" -- Schmidt ("New Girl")Wannabe ladies' man Schmidt crosses the line so often his roommates made him a "Douche bag Jar." Desperate to claim his stud-muffin status and womanizer rep, the former fatty is constantly putting money in the jar for ridiculous throwaways like, "Incidentally, I'm wearing my lap-dance pants." Luckily for him, CeCe has a thing for jerks. And luckily for her, Schmidt only seems like one. Underneath the cheesy façade beats the heart of an anal-retentive Jewish mom who can rock a sexy Santa suit.Bing: 'New Girl' | More on Max Greenfield"New Girl" premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.Want more TV? Be sure to like MSN TV Facebook and follow MSN TV Twitter.(FOX)
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