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Old folks behaving badly

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Our favorite movie senior citizens that are funny and feistyBy Jeff Michael ViceIf a misbehaving child is a "bad seed," then what do we call their older counterparts who do likewise? Bad weeds? Poisonous plants? Toxic trees? Shrill shrubs? OK, those are all bad puns, but regardless of how you feel about labels and descriptive terms, you have to admit that it's much harder to discipline the elderly when they act up. Even in films.Witness what happened when people tried to tell Art Carney's fearless, straight-shooting retiree to take it easy in the Oscar-winning comedy-drama "Harry and Tonto" (1974). And you might recall that it was Ruth Gordon's septuagenarian character who taught the much-younger Bud Cort how to live -- and even romanced him -- in the cultily adored dark comedy "Harold and Maude" (1971).Those films and others provided prime examples of lively and feisty old folks, which led to such further depictions as television's long-running beloved sitcom "Golden Girls." The surviving Golden Girl, Betty White, has even become the face of live after 60. And 70. And 80 ...Still, you have to wonder what even White would think of "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," a new comedy that features the most high-profile "Jackass," Johnny Knoxville, as the title character. He reprises his role -- under layers of latex makeup and other appliances -- as Irving Zisman, a bumbling, bungling and foul-mouthed octogenarian who gets into all sorts of trouble while on a cross-country trip with his grandson. Bing: More about 'Bad Grandpa' Want more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies Twitter.("Bad Grandpa"/Paramount Pictures)
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