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One against tyranny

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Matt Damon joins these one-man armies with 'Elysium' By Sean Axmaker Special for MSN MoviesIn the future envisioned in "Elysium," when the gap between rich and poor has literally divided them into different worlds, proletariat Matt Damon straps on technology cobbled together from the scraps discarded by the ruling elite on the junkyard that has become Earth, and takes on the aristocracy living on high (literally, orbiting the world on a luxury space station) alone. He's one man taking on the system simply to get his share of justice in a world in inequity. Search: Watch a trailer for 'Elysium'It's a story as old as time — you can trace it back to mythology and Prometheus, who defies the gods to give fire to mankind — and while the movies have embraced the lone hero and the one-man army, only a few films raise their heroes to the level of the defiant liberator, taking on tyrannical governments, corrupt oligarchies and other oppressive systems. That is the stuff of revolution, or at the very least upheaval. They're not just rebels, mind you, and often reluctant heroes, which makes them all the more admirable. They don't fight out of ideology or fanatical devotion to some cause. It's about survival, fairness, human dignity in the face of oppression. Damon is only the latest iteration of the single leader who takes the class struggle directly to the oppressors. Here are his ancestors: those individuals who, by intention, outrage or reluctant necessity, fight the power. Who's your favorite one-man army? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.("Elysium"/TriStar Pictures)
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