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Oscar-winning director questions President of Mexico

Alfonso Cueron: Oscar-winning director questions President of Mexico © The Associated Press Oscar-winning director questions President of Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron has published a full-page ad in Mexican newspapers questioning President Enrique Pena Nieto's energy reform.

The director of the blockbuster space film "Gravity" published the open letter to Pena Nieto on Monday.

In the letter Cuaron thanks Pena Nieto for his congratulations on the best-director win at this year's Oscar.

But Cuaron makes it clear in the letter he doesn't agree with the way the constitutional reform was passed last year. The reform allows private companies to drill for oil and hold concessions for the first time since the oil industry was nationalized in 1938. Enabling legislation must still be passed.

Cuaron posed several questions, including how Mexico would protect its environment, fight endemic corruption and reign in the power of private oil companies.

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