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Oscars oversights

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Can you believe this movie didn't get the Academy Award? By Richard T. Jameson Special to MSN MoviesEverybody gets to gripe about the Academy Awards. Sometimes it's a matter of "How could you nominate that mess for anything but oblivion?" Sometimes it's disbelief at a great performance or great camerawork being passed over to reward something not-necessarily-bad but not nearly as good. Then there are the compensation awards — giving somebody an Oscar for second-tier work because their first-rate achievements have somehow never won in the past. (Certainly not meaning you, Martin Scorsese!) Bing:Read more about Oscar oversights | Find out about this year's nominationsThose are all fun conversations to have, but in this case we want to call attention to something different — some amazing, mostly appalling oversights. There's a surprising abundance of great and/or universally admired and/or culturally indispensable and/or dearly beloved films that were ignored by Oscar the year they came out. In some cases, totally ignored: not even a nomination, let alone a statuette. Fortunately, most of our candidates have been, or will be, redeemed in the fullness of time — in many instances outlasting and outshining the pictures that beat them in their day. Better yet, all of them are available for us to resee and reevaluate. Pass the popcorn. Tell MSN Movies what movies you think have been snubbed on Facebook and Twitter.(MGM/Paramount)
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