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Our list of TV hipsters

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Even though some hipsters are totally over this list, most still love itBy Robert IsenbergSpecial to MSN TVWelcome to the hipster generation: Bored, snobby and impeccably tailored, hipsters have colonized every gentrified neighborhood from Queens to the Bay Area, and they might be the largest demographic of people who claim not to be part of their demographic. Where there's a decent jukebox and a PBR special, you'll find a gaggle of hipsters just dying to keep you out of the conversation. The hipster explosion is so pervasive that their irony has become ironic.As the third season of "Portlandia" makes its debut, we got to thinking about TV hipsters. After all, what even defines a hipster, aside from a sprawling record collection and vanity glasses? Since no self-respecting indie-rock fans would ever describe themselves as hipsters, the term has become a kind of slur. But fair is fair: Hipsters have a singular wit, and they sure know how to dress. If there were no hipsters, would Adult Swim even air?Here are some of our favorite TV hipsters: the annoying, the ridiculous and the just plain fun. (And let it be known that we did a hipster roundup before hipster roundups got big). Bing: 'Portlandia' | Watch clips and moreWho's your favorite TV hipster? Tell us at MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter.The Season 3 premiere of "Portlandia" airs Friday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on IFC.(IFC)
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