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Out of 'Toon

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Animated movies are just for kids ... right? Wrong. Here are 10 movies that demonstrate how the form has moved beyond the underage mindset. By David Fear Special to MSN MoviesIn today's post-Pixar age, anyone who believes that animated movies can't appeal to a broad range of ages is willfully ignoring the rich, rewarding work that's out there. That, or they simply still cling to the notion that cartoons, even if they are shown on the big-screen and make beaucoup bucks, are nothing more than things that tots drag their parents to and use to pass the time in between sugar highs. There's no doubt that some studios are content to put out cut-rate computer-animated movies with wisecracking animals and easy-to-digest moral lessons, especially since these projects are guaranteed to sell toys, put young tushes in seats and bring in boffo box-office. But if you look back over the last six-and-a-half decades, you'll notice a handful of animated movies have sought to move beyond the needs of a 12-and-under moviegoer. Some have looked to use the flexibility of the medium to indulge in creative flights of fancy beyond the norm, or tried to explore what a series of two-dimensional renderings could accomplish in terms of tackling adult subjects; some have even tweaked socially acceptable notions of good taste. The one thing these films have in common, however, is that they aren't filled with live actors and aren't just for kids. In fact, many of them are strictly for adults only. In the spirit of celebrating the complex, cunning, rude and even crude animated features that have pushed the envelope and pursued mature audiences, we take a quick look at 10 'toons that bucked that children's-entertainment trend. You may want to usher the young 'uns away from the computer, folks.
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