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Peter Griffin Plays Chris Christie in 'Family Guy' Emmy Campaign Ad (Photo)


By Jordan Zakarin

Bridgegate has gone Hollywood.

A controversy over the politicized closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge, and the massive traffic jam that ensued, has slowed the grand ambitions of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; he was once thought to be the Republican frontrunner for President in 2016, and now he's fighting for his job and relevance.

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It's also became new fodder for entertainers who once mostly got their kicks from mocking the Guv's weight and short temper, which David Letterman in particular had great fun doing for the last several years.

Leave it to the crew from "Family Guy" to tie it all together — and for their own political purpose, to boot.

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Seth MacFarlane's team channeled Christie in its latest add for Emmy voters, putting the show's patriarch, Peter Griffin, in Christie's trademark high-waisted pants, and threatening some "traffic problems in Brentwood" if they didn't vote the right way. It's a direct line from Christie's former deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly, who has plenty of time to sit home and watch "Family Guy" now that she's no longer with the administration.

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