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Pop culture's favorite witches

By Jessica Wedemeyer Slide 1 of 14

Vampires and werewolves may be the supernatural creatures du jour, but witches are more than just a pop culture fad -- they're part of our history! Whether or not you believe in witchcraft, one thing is certain: We've been fascinated with these enchantresses ever since the Salem witch trials. In honor of the 25th anniversary of "Teen Witch," on April 23, we're taking a look back at our all-time favorite pop culture witches. Read on for Samantha, Sabrina, Elphaba and more!RELATED:Sexiest celeb siblingsLouise Miller in 'Teen Witch'Speaking of trials, is there anything worse than high school? Blake Lively's big sis, Robyn Lively, brought to life this cult hit about a 16-year-old reincarnated witch who faces high school with the help of newly discovered magic powers. The soundtrack is divine -- and Dan Gauthier is heavenly as popular Brad Powers! But the true magic of this flick is Robyn's ridiculous retro '80s wardrobe as the titular heroine.
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