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Power games

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In movies like 'Passion,' business is a bloodsport By Sean AxmakerSpecial to MSN Movies  Some people would kill for a promotion. In Brian De Palma's "Passion," ambitious corporate executive Rachel McAdams and workaholic assistant Noomi Rapace turn a close (almost intimate) working relationship into a vindictive battle after McAdams takes credit for her assistant's idea to grab a promotion. Ostensibly a remake of Alain Corneau's "Love Crime," De Palma transforms the workplace warfare of the French original into a De Palma film of seduction, power, and violence as a cinematic ballet, escalating the psychological battle into something much deadlier. Bing: Watch a trailer for 'Passion' | Learn more about Brian De PalmaThe workplace can be a real battleground. Here are some films that take that the idea to heart, from the merely ambitious who use words and sex as weapons to the coldly ruthless who take a more direct approach, advancing their careers by eliminating the competition. If you think the rivalry at your workplace is murder, here are some professionals who won't let anyone stand in their way of advancement. What's your favorite movie about bad business? Let us know on MSN Movies Facebook and Twitter.(SBS Productions)
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