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'Ramona and Beezus' Stills

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By Martha BrockenbroughSpecial to MSN MoviesHere's a pet peeve: pop culture for kids that depicts characters who are bratty just because it's allegedly funny. Take the Rico Suave character on "Hannah Montana" or the Samantha Puckett character on "iCarly." (Please!) Both get their humor from behavior that in real life would be annoying -- or worse. Would you want your kid's best friend to have been arrested four times? Meet Sam Puckett! Ha ha. Or not. There is a good kind of brat, though. These kids might misbehave, or get in the way, or have terrible misunderstandings, but at heart they mean well and often do heroic things. That's the key difference: their intentions. They're not just walking bags of venom-slash-irritating tics. Also, we wouldn't mind adopting them. Of these quality brats, Ramona Quimby reigns supreme. It's no wonder that more than 30 million books starring her have sold. In honor of the movie that opens July 23, we've assembled a list of lovable brats in pop culture. Read on for more.('Ramona and Beezus' / 20th Century Fox)
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