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Rate an exorcist

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With the release of 'The Last Exorcism Part Two,' 10 other movies about demonic possessionBy Bryan ReesmanSpecial to MSN MoviesSomewhere demons are proclaiming, "Thank Hell for teen girls," since they are their main targets of possession. But regardless of whose body they take over, underworld invaders are really thorns in the side of families who must endure their possessed kin's cursing, flailing and cringe-inducing contortions. It may be hard for many in the modern to reconcile superstitious fears and belief in supernatural evil -- after all, the Devil's greatest trick is making you believe he does not exist -- but luckily there are still some who believe in the old ways. They are the demonic extractors known as exorcists, and without their help, well, their victims would be doomed.By now, exorcism movies have their own set of clichés that can easily sink a tale that does not have solid characters, an unusual plot twist and some interesting ruminations on the nature of faith. With the release of "The Last Exorcism Part Two," here are ten films about demonic possession and exorcism that range from the chilling to the cheesy, and rather than just review their artistic merits, MSN Movies looks at our heroes' methods and execution with a 5-star rating system. We all know which road is paved with good intentions, so one needs more to battle the spawns of Satan.Let's see how these spiritual soldiers stack up.For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.
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