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Real Women: The most fully realized women in prime time

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That purveyor of love, lust and outrageously priced shoes, Darren Star ("Sex and the City"), is at it again. This winter he returns with "Cashmere Mafia," which follows the lives of four fabulous, ambitious women -- again, in New York. We already know we'll enjoy the characters, but will we be able to suspend our disbelief? Not a chance. Women portrayed realistically on TV are few and far between. We'd happily follow (at a safe distance) such characters as Vanessa Williams' fabulously vicious Wilhelmina Slater ("Ugly Betty") for a day, and would like nothing better than to take tightly wound Tina Fey's Liz Lemon ("30 Rock") to a rousing karaoke night. But we don't buy their backstories, much less their behavior, for a second. And while over-the-top is great fun, sometimes it's nice to have a little character meat with our viewing veg-outs. Here are our top picks for real women in prime time:
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