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Regrettable Trends in Pop Culture: 2008 Edition

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By Martha Brockenbrough Special to MSN EntertainmentWhen you've lived long enough to remember asymmetrical haircuts and tall bangs; when you could have owned a pair of non-ironic "Hammer pants"; when you've asked, "Where's the beef?" then you are old enough to know that some of today's delicious pop culture bonbons will lead to nothing but future heartburn. Remember the expensive leather bomber jackets we rushed out to buy so we could look like Harrison Ford in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? Do the words FRANKIE SAY RELAX instantly call to mind an unflattering oversized T-shirt you simply had to own? Or the worst: the visible bra straps, lacy layers and oversized crucifixes worn by millions of Madonna-wannabes, back when the first mom of pop had curves, black roots and an American accent. What were we thinking? Most likely the same thing we're thinking today about the following regrettable moments in pop culture. Sure, they seem fine now. But mark our words: These items will give us all naustalgia -- a toxic mix of nausea and nostalgia -- in the years to come. ( Ltd.)
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