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Smokey Robinson wants to lecture troubled Justin Bieber



Music veteran Smokey Robinson wants to have a long talk with Justin Bieber to lecture him on the importance of trying to be a good role model to his young fans.

The 20-year-old singer has been in a downward spiral in recent months following a number of legal troubles, including a DUI arrest in Florida, allegations he threw eggs at a neighbor's home in California, and accusations he was involved in the alleged assault on a limousine driver in his native Canada.

Robinson, 74, who has been in the music industry for more than 50 years, has now expressed a desire to help the youngster, and he wants to make him realize how his actions affect his legion of young followers.

He tells, "I know Justin pretty good. But I would love to sit him in a room somewhere and talk with him for an hour just one on one... I would tell him that the guys that you're doing this stuff for, and in front of, and with, they have nothing to lose. He's not only living for himself anymore. He's too popular. So his image, and what he does, has influence on a lot of young people, so he needs to think about that."

Robinson explains that Bieber needs to distance himself from his bad boy behavior, adding, "He just divorces himself from that. That's what he does. He just divorces himself from that element and gets himself together."

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