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"Spiderman 2" Display Opening Night at The Arclight Theatre's Cinerama Dome

Slide 1 of 13: Opening night of "Spiderman ll" display on top of The Cinerama Dome - Arclight Theatre's on Sunset Blvd.

Opening night of &amp;quot;Spiderman ll&amp;quot; display <a href=/artist/?artist=742045 Arg="742045" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.LinkableArtist" LinkType="Page">on top</a> of The Cinerama <a href=/artist/?artist=133772 Arg="133772" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.LinkableArtist" LinkType="Page">Dome</a> - Arclight Theatre's on Sunset Blvd.

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