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Spin-off wish list

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TV series we'll never see -- but maybe shouldBy Vinnie PennSpecial to MSN TVThe spin-off used to be much more difficult to launch than it is these days. "Frasier" was an outlier, with "Joey" (the underrated "Friends" spin-off) being the prototypical result of what happened when TV execs decided one character could carry a show alone. The recipe has always been the same: Change the state and add a sibling. Not the most foolproof of setups. Nowadays, in this golden age of the reboot, it's really about the "spin" end of the spin-off equation. Case in point: "Sam & Cat," a wildly popular series for tweens that features well-known characters from two now-defunct shows, the former from "iCarly" and the latter from "VicTORious," is killing it on Saturday nights. Even "The Originals," the new CW series revolving around Klaus (played by the menacing Joseph Morgan) from the network's successful "The Vampire Diaries," will probably fly. Set in New Orleans (remember what I said about changing the location?), it orbits the universe of a character not even introduced until the show was a good few seasons in. Could that bode well for, say, either Sue Sylvester or Sue Heck? Nah. It's too bad, though. Here are some spin-offs that would really kick butt, but we'll, sadly, never see (I'll even throw in a potential title!). Bing: More about Jane Lynch | 'Glee'Do you love Sue Sylvester? Connect and sound off on Facebook and Twitter(FOX)
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