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Splitsville for Sherri Shepherd as her husband files for legal separation

6/12/2014 Wonderwall

It's the end of the line Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, her husband of nearly three years. TMZ says he filed for a legal separation (as a precursor to filing for divorce) on May 2 and has retained the same lawyer that Kevin Federline used when he split from Britney Spears.

Adding a strange and emotionally charged complication to the proceedings: According to TMZ, Sally wants legal and physical custody of a child they're expecting via surrogate in late July, and he's asking for "an order preventing Sherri from interfering with his ability to take the kid with him after the birth." He wants to grant her visitation rights only.

Sally also wants spousal support and is asking that their prenuptial agreement be voided due to "fraud."

As for what led to the breakup, Radar Online claims "The View" co-host, 47, became disillusioned with Sally's career as a TV writer.

"Their whole relationship was built on a fraud, and it's finally over," alleges a source. "She's thrown him out of the house, and he's tried to speak with her but nothing is happening."

The London Daily Mail, meanwhile, hints that his purported wandering eye may have played a role.

Neither has commented on the split, although Sally, 43, told Radar that he misses Shepherd's 9-year-old son, Jeffrey.

"I was great with Jeffrey," he's quoted as saying. "He was in my life for four years."

Retorts the insider, "Sherri doesn't need or want a babysitter for her son. She wants an equal partner."

As recently as last summer, Shepherd publicly discussed her plans to have another child via a surrogate. She divorced her first husband, Jeff Tarpley, in 2009 after she learned he was having an affair and that his mistress was expecting.


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