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Tabloid fact or fiction: Brad & Angelina adopting (again)?

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 7/29/2016

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the Los Angeles premiere of "By the Sea" on Nov 5, 2015 © Rex/Shutterstock Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the Los Angeles premiere of "By the Sea" on Nov 5, 2015

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adopting another child from Africa, reveals OK!. A friend of the couple tells the magazine they were on "the brink of divorce," but are now "celebrating saving their marriage with the best present possible: a seventh child." The family friend notes Brangelina "feel adopting another child will strengthen their relationship even more."

The magazine's source goes on to explain that Pitt and Jolie want to "adopt an older child" from an African nation because they "believe that adopting an older child will make people aware of orphans who are often overlooked." They also feel that "by adopting a child who is 10 or older, he or she will mix in better with their rambunctious kids, who are getting bigger by the day," says the publication's source, adding, "The kids can't wait to add another brother or sister to their gang of six."

But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Pitt, who exclusively tells us the tabloid’s adoption claim is simply "not true."

Of course, the inaccuracy of the publication's story isn't particularly surprising, as we have repeatedly called out OK! for creating false tales about Pitt and Jolie. Gossip Cop recently corrected the magazine's wrong reports about Brangelina living "separate lives" and heading for a "$400 million divorce."

OK! magazine cover © Gossip Cop OK! magazine cover

Jennifer Garner has taken Ben Affleck "back," reveals OK! After exclaiming on its cover, "Jen Takes Ben Back," the magazine notes inside its pages, "The divorce is off." The publication further writes, "More than a year after announcing their split, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have decided to give their marriage another chance."

A source tells the outlet the estranged spouses are "100 percent back together," and "acting like newlyweds again, and the kids are thrilled." "What began as an attempt at friendly co-parenting turned into a full-blown reconciliation," reports the publication. OK!'s source further leaks, "Ben actually dropped to his knees and said he'd do whatever it takes to keep the family together. It was a defining moment for them."

What's odd, though, is that there's no mention of the baby. You know, the baby boy the tabloid reported Garner was carrying just a month ago. And while there is no denying Garner and Affleck are on more pleasant terms lately, it is completely inaccurate to say she’s "back" and there's a "full-blown reconciliation." A source close to the situation exclusively assures Gossip Cop, "Jennifer did not take Ben back. They are 100 percent still separated and focused on co-parenting for the kids' sake." The end.

Julia Roberts on InTouch magazine cover © Gossip Cop Julia Roberts on InTouch magazine cover

Is Julia Roberts in the midst of a "$250 million divorce" from Danny Moder? That's what In Touch is reporting on its cover this week. Inside the magazine it's noted Roberts' marriage is "over" after she and her husband had "one of their worst fights ever" while vacationing in Hawaii.

The publication writes, "It was the fight that ended it all: After years of ups and downs, Julia and Danny's 14-year marriage is in crisis once again and barreling toward a divorce, and a fight over her $250 million fortune." "They've tried time and again to stop the looming breakup, but whether they can admit it or not, it's over," a source tells the outlet. In Touch's insider says, "Julia is praying that they can somehow work things out and stave off a pricey divorce. But right now, a divorce is imminent."

Of course, it should be mentioned that In Touch falsely claimed nine months ago that Roberts and Moder were on the verge of an "imminent" divorce, and that never happened. Now a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the magazine is still out of touch when it comes to Roberts' marriage, and that there’s no divorce on the horizon.

Life & Style magazine cover © Gossip Cop Life & Style magazine cover

Miranda Lambert is pregnant, and she's having a baby to get "revenge" on Blake Shelton, declares Life & Style in a cover story titled, "Miranda Strikes Back At Blake: Revenge At Last!" The publication reports Lambert has "outdone her ex and his new love when it comes to romance, career, fans and, in the biggest bombshell of all, baby news."

A source tells the magazine, "Miranda is pregnant with boyfriend Anderson East's baby." Starting a family with another man will "make Blake's blood boil," says the outlet's insider, who explains, "His greatest wish was to have a baby with Miranda during their relationship. But now it's Anderson by her side, and Miranda is thriving like never before." "For Miranda, it's the ultimate revenge at last," asserts Life & Style’s tipster.

The publication further notes, "As Anderson and Miranda happily prepare to welcome a child, and dream of having a little boy," Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani are "frustrated" she has been unable to get pregnant. "While everything's going right for Miranda and Anderson," adds the magazine source, "Blake and Gwen seem to be struggling on so many fronts. It really is a sweet revenge."

There’s one teensy-weensy problem with the Life & Style claim: A rep for Lambert exclusively tells Gossip Cop, "She is not pregnant." Whoops.

Kelly Ripa on Star magazine cover © Gossip Cop Kelly Ripa on Star magazine cover

Kelly Ripa is the "Queen of Mean," according to the new cover of Star. The magazine writes, "Ripa has long had a reputation as a controlling, tantrum-throwing diva," and explains that "may be why the TV talk show titan can't find a co-host" to replace Michael Strahan, who left "Live" last spring.

"She’s become a real mean queen. ABC hasn't been able to lock in a permanent co-host yet because no one has the patience or thick enough skin to deal with her," a show insider tells the outlet. The magazine's source adds, "Staffers walk on eggshells waiting for her next explosion."


Gossip Cop investigated, and this new Star report is wrong on several accounts. Ripa and the producers never intended to have a new co-host locked in at this point, and had always planned to use the summer to test out several potential candidates. Furthermore, Gossip Cop is told Ripa is actually a welcomed presence behind-the-scenes, which is why so many staffers have stuck with the ABC morning program for so long.

A rep for the show exclusively told us, "This piece is ridiculous. End of story." And a Ripa spokesperson also assures Gossip Cop, "The whole Star story is complete and total nonsense, start to finish."


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