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Tabloid truth or fiction: 'Health crisis' for Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan?

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 7/16/2016

© Gossip Cop Tom Hiddleston is proposing to Taylor Swift after just a few weeks of dating, according to the new issue of Us Weekly, which declares on its cover, “A Ring For Taylor!” The magazine reveals, “After dating for only a month Tom is ready to pop the question — and they’re already talking babies!”

A Hiddleston source tells the publication, “Tom is planning to propose very soon,” though he “usually takes relationships so slow,” but he’s loving every minute of this “crazy, fun rollercoaster ride.” Meanwhile, a Swift source acknowledges, “She would definitely say yes,” because she’s “totally into him” and “swept off her feet.” What’s more, reports one of the magazine’s insiders, is that “getting the blessing” of Swift’s parents “would be a snap.”

But while Swift and Hiddleston’s romance might seem like it’s moving fast, it’s not going THAT fast. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned there will not be an engagement in the immediate future. Even though the couple is going in the right direction, an impeccable insider tells Gossip Cop the Us Weekly proposal cover story is “total speculation with zero evidence.”

Angelina Jolie © Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie was exposed to the Zika virus while traveling through Third World countries, according to the National Enquirer. A source tells the magazine the actress and humanitarian fears the virus could “trigger other problems” she has, and is now “terrified [it] might kill her.” 

The outlet’s insider notes, “Angie’s closest friends are deeply concerned that this problem has been the source of her terrifying weight loss.” Brad Pitt, however, is grateful about the diagnosis, reports the publication. “Now that they’ve identified a problem, Brad is calling in specialists to help treat her,” says the magazine’s source, adding, “Angie is petrified, but Brad’s relieved there’s a specific issue to address.”

Gossip Cop looked into the tabloid’s claim, and we’ve learned that Jolie has neither been infected nor exposed to the Zika virus, and the tabloid’s claim is simply “false.”

This is not the first time Gossip Cop has had to correct the tabloid. Among the many tall tales we’ve busted the magazine was a recent story that wrongly alleged Jolie is “more concerned” with helping refugees than spending time with her own family.

© Gossip Cop

Kate Middleton is pregnant, reveals the new edition of Life & Style. The magazine reports the Duchess of Cambridge is “four months” along, and that she and Prince William are “expecting a Christmas baby.”

A source tells the publication, “Kate and William are overjoyed,” and have already “quietly shared the news with their parents.” The source further relates, “They don’t mind whether No. 3 is a boy or a girl. They already have one of each, so they just want their next child to be healthy.” The magazine even features a photo of what it notes is a visible “baby bump.”

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because Life & Style has published four nearly identical “pregnant” articles over the last year, and there was even a cover story in April that announced Middleton was having “twins.” Tellingly, this new version less than three months later doesn’t mention anything about twins.

Regardless, a real royal insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop that these latest reports of Middleton being pregnant are “not true,” and any valid announcement would come from the palace. A U.S. tabloid is not going to break the news, particularly an outlet that has previously run several erroneous pregnancy claims.

© Gossip Cop

Miranda Lambert’s “cheating” caused the singer’s divorce from Blake Shelton, reports OK!. The magazine touts that it has “the truth behind her divorce,” and says Lambert recently admitted to friends that she bears most of the responsibility for her and Shelton’s marriage ending. 

A source tells the publication that Lambert has been “wracked with guilt for a while” over her alleged infidelities, and “thinks that alcohol played a part in her behavior.” The magazine’s insider adds that she “really wants Blake to know she’s sorry,” and “doesn’t want to hold him back” from his relationship with Gwen Stefani.

But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Lambert, who assures us the tabloid’s report is simply “not true.” The magazine has zero insight into what happened behind the scenes of Lambert and Shelton’s marriage, and its version of events is completely made-up.

Of course, Gossip Cop has repeatedly called out OK! for concocting fake stories about Lambert and Shelton ever since their split last year. We recently busted the outlet’s untrue cover story that claimed Shelton and Gwen Stefani “broke up” after Lambert sent “mean texts” to No Doubt singer.

© Gossip Cop

Meg Ryan is in a “health crisis”? That’s what Star is reporting on the cover of its latest issue. The magazine writes, “Her shockingly frail and fragile appearance has friends worried about Meg Ryan’s deteriorating physical condition.” 

“It’s not just that she’s lost even more weight and looks scarily thin and weak,” a source tells the publication. “Meg seems to be very depressed, like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, which has clearly taken a toll on her physically,” adds the outlet’s source before noting, “People are worried about her overall health.”

The magazine says, “She acts like everything is fine, but Meg has been in a downward spiral for years. Lately, she’s been in a lot of pain, and there’s been some tearful nights. She’s also compounding her health problems by barely eating or sleeping.” Star, which estimates Ryan now only weighs 88 pounds, also reveals the actress has career, love life, and family problems.

Gossip Cop isn’t sure why the magazine is hell-bent on presenting an unflattering depiction of the actress, but it sure doesn’t match reality. A rep for Ryan exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the “health crisis” claims are “all a bunch of fabricated crap.” She’s just fine, and would probably be doing better if the tabloids left her alone. Meg Ryan in June 2016 © Press Association Meg Ryan in June 2016


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