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Tabloid truth or fiction: Twins for Ashton and Mila & trouble for Angelina and Brad?

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 7/1/2016
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Mila Kunis is expecting twins with Ashton Kutcher, reports the new issue of OK!. The magazine writes that after it was confirmed last month that Kunis is pregnant again, she and Kutcher “held back one very important detail… This time, it’s twins!”

A source tells the publication, “[Mila] told her friends that Ashton cried when she told him! He’s hoping for boys, but no matter their gender, twins are icing on the cake for them. They’ve always wanted a big family.” The outlet relates that Kutcher himself is a twin, and despite initially having an “IVF struggle,” the couple’s “twins were conceived naturally.”

What’s more, the publication reveals the couple wants Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore and her other ex-husband Bruce Willis to serve as the twins’ godparents. If this seems ridiculous, it’s for good reason. The entire OK! cover is a complete fabrication. A rep for Kunis exclusively tells Gossip Cop “she is not” having twins.

Interestingly, the tabloid neglects to mention that almost a year ago, it published a similar cover story that falsely declared Kunis was pregnant with “twins.” It wasn’t true then, and Gossip Cop can assure you the magazine is wrong again now. 

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Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad Pitt over rumors he cheated with his Allied co-star Marion Cotillard, and because there are trust issues between them, reports Star. According to the magazine, Jolie and Pitt are headed for a $450 million split following years of relationship problems. 

A source tells the publication, “She’s fed up with what her life has become and wants to make a change.” The outlet’s insider goes on to reveal Pitt was “blindsided” with the news that his wife had consulted a divorce attorney, and now he’ll meet with his own lawyer “to discuss his options regarding custody and protecting his earnings.” “The divorce is bound to get ugly,” adds the magazine’s source.

Gossip Cop investigated the Star cover story, and we’ve learned that Jolie doesn’t believe Pitt was unfaithful with Cotillard, because he never cheated on his wife. The allegation is 100 percent false. A source close to the couple exclusively assures us the tabloid’s tale of a breakup and infidelity is “all lies.” Sadly, Gossip Cop has repeatedly had to correct the magazine for its numerous bullsplit stories about Pitt and Jolie over the years.

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Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, and expecting another baby with her ex Scott Disick, according to In Touch. The publication reports Kardashian tried to hide her stomach while out last week, “but those who saw her couldn’t help but notice that the health-conscious 37-year-old looked heavier than usual, especially in the stomach area.” An eyewitness even told the magazine, “She looked pregnant.”

“Kourtney has been telling friends that she is pregnant, and that there is only one man who could be the father: her on-again, off-again beau,” writes the outlet. The magazine quotes its insider as saying, “Kourtney and Scott have been secretly hooking up. And now she’s about four weeks pregnant with their fourth child.” Disick is “really excited,” adds the publication’s source.

Gossip Cop recalls Disick very clearly did not want a third child when Kardashian first told him she was pregnant with their son Reign. And if she were one month pregnant, Kardashian wouldn’t be looking “heavier” just yet. Still, Gossip Cop investigated, and the only thing fertile here are the imaginations of the staffers at In Touch. A rep for Kardashian exclusively tells us the pregnancy claim is “not true.”

Of course, the tabloid has a poor track record when it comes to the former couple, having falsely claimed Disick and Kardashian were marrying in a TV wedding in 2012. In 2013, the magazine wrongly alleged he wasn’t Mason’s real father. And last year, the tabloid untruthfully asserted Disick cheated on Kardashian by sleeping with her sisters.

Jennifer Aniston is seen in New York on June 21, 2016 in New York City. © Raymond Hall/GC Images Jennifer Aniston is seen in New York on June 21, 2016 in New York City.

Jennifer Aniston “hiding her baby bump”? That’s what In Touch is reporting. The publication notes how the actress’ “bump was on full display” during her recent vacation with husband Justin Theroux, “but ever since they’ve returned from their private romantic getaway, all Jen has been doing is covering up.”

An eyewitness tells the magazine, “They were in NYC after their trip and every time she stepped out she was using something to cover her stomach.” The outlet also quotes an insider revealing, “It’s still early on in the pregnancy and she’s not ready to announce it yet, so that’s why she’s hiding her bump. Jen’s turning hiding her pregnancy into an art! But she can’t conceal the bump forever, so expect an announcement soon.”

Gossip Cop would advise you not to hold your breath. Aniston is not pregnant, and In Touch is just making up an excuse to perpetuate its false narrative from last week when it wrongly claimed the 47-year-old actress was expecting. Curiously, the tabloid doesn’t explain how its supposed “eyewitness” managed to see Aniston “every time she stepped out.” Regardless of that creepiness, a rep for the actress exclusively tells Gossip Cop Aniston is not “hiding” anything because she not with child.

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Selena Gomez is looking to date newly single Calvin Harris, reports Life & Style, which notes the singer feels Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend is her “perfect match.” The magazine writes, “The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s your BFF’s ex.” 

An insider reveals that Gomez made a “shocking confession” to her friends

that she has “always had her eye on Calvin.” The publication’s source adds Gomez “always thought Taylor just wasn’t right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple.”

The magazine acknowledges “Taylor wouldn’t be happy to hear what Selena’s been saying,” and that Gomez “will just try to laugh it off,” if confronted by Swift because she “doesn’t want to lose her best friend.” Of course, the publication is conveniently covering itself for when Gomez never actually pursues Harris. Gossip Cop has learned the truth is Gomez does not have any romantic interest whatsoever in Harris. And she’s certainly not talking about her supposed affections for him behind Swift’s back.

It’s worth noting that Life & Style is the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted when it previously made up two false Gomez pregnancy stories. The tabloid also erroneously claimed last year that she was being “forced into rehab.” Much like those false reports, this latest tale about Gomez pursuing Harris is similarly untrue.


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