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The 10 Best Episodes from Emmy-Nominated Shows

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Because re-watching these might be more fun than tuning in to the Emmys themselvesBy Kenny HerzogSpecial to MSN TVMost of us approach the Emmys (Sunday, NBC at 8 p.m.) realizing we haven't actually seen half the TV that's been nominated (you can refresh yourself on who's up for what statues here). Fortunately, whether it's calculated Emmy-baiting or just a show's natural give-and-take rhythm, most critically lauded programs come readied with one or two "show me" episodes that kept loyal audiences fixated and converted curious outsiders. In the case of this year's nominees, there were late-season shockers ("Dexter"), extraordinarily well-constructed 22-minute comedy slices ("Modern Family"), emotionally powerful dramatic character pieces ("Mad Men") and, of course, total "WTF?!" left-turns ("True Blood"). So rather than handicap the potential victors--as those are based on innumerable arbitrary criteria--we've opted to present our only mildly subjective overview of 10 episodes from nominated shows that exemplify their (somewhat) indisputable Emmy-worthiness, and will make you feel a bit less out of the loop when your friends are waxing hyper-critical during the broadcast.
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