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The Art of Elysium 10th Anniversary Gala - Inside

Slide 1 of 30: Actors <a href=/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=275469 Arg="275469" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableMoviePerson" LinkType="Page">Balthazar Getty</a> and Jared Letto  <a href=/movies/movie.aspx?m=2207615 Arg="2207615" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableMovie" LinkType="Page">inside</a> The Art of Elysium <a href=/tv/episode.aspx?episode=99b388cd-1a9c-4dae-a0c2-dc6f8973cd3e Arg="1" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableTVEpisode" LinkType="Page">10th Anniversary</a> Gala at Vibiana on January 12, 2008 in <a href=/tv/episode.aspx?episode=784306e4-5f7f-4750-904e-1c106effab95 Arg="1" type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableTVEpisode" LinkType="Page">Los Angeles</a>, California.

Actors Balthazar Getty and Jared Letto inside The Art of Elysium 10th Anniversary Gala at Vibiana on January 12, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.
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