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'The Back-up Plan' Stills

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4. 'The Back-up Plan'Jennifer Lopez plays a New York pet store owner who is so sick of waiting for the right man that she gets artificially inseminated. You go girl! Except her character, Zoe, doesn't actually seem like she'd willingly take on that kind of a complicated scenario. She's squeamish, silly and kind of shallow. In real life, she'd be trotting off to a sample sale, not shopping the sperm banks. We wonder, how is the little lady going to make it on her own? Wait, just as Zoe is leaving the doctor's office, she bumps into a guy who turns out to be the man of her dreams (Alex O'Loughlin). They bicker, of course, but the fates conspire to bring them together again repeatedly until they finally consummate their attraction in a barn full of the cheeses Stan has made. That's fitting, since the movie is cheesy. But it's also offensive, making pregnancy itself seem woefully appealing, painting a picture of single mothers as man-hating witches and sending the message that female empowerment is cute and all, but the only happy ending is one that includes "I do." Also, on behalf of the Society to Promote True Depiction of the Female Orgasm on Film, I would like to point out that no woman, not even a highly hormonal pregnant one, ever reached climax from having her neck kissed. (CBS Films)
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