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The best and worst of Vin Diesel

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With the release of 'Riddick,' a look back at his movie hits and missesBy David WalkerSpecial to MSN MoviesIt's been 18 years since Vin Diesel first made a name for himself with the critically acclaimed short film "Multi-Facial," which we wrote, produced, directed and starred in. Since that time, Diesel has become an international movie star, due in part to the popular "Fast and Furious" films. Compared to some of Hollywood's biggest leading men, Diesel has been in relatively few movies -- some of which were pretty terrible -- and yet he has emerged as a major star in the film industry, with a global appeal that has resulted in some huge box-office hits. Diesel's most recent film, "Riddick," sees him returning as Richard B. Riddick, the cold-blooded antihero who must once again battle deadly aliens in a hostile environment. This is Diesel's third live-action Riddick adventure, a science fiction franchise that started with the cult film "Pitch Black," continued with the disappointing "The Chronicles of Riddick" and also includes an animated film and two video games. Everything that is both good and bad with the films of Vin Diesel can be found in the stark contrast between "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles of Riddick." It remains to be seen exactly where "Riddick" will find itself within this franchise -- the good, the bad, or somewhere in between -- as well as Diesel's overall filmography, which in and of itself is a list of hits and misses. Here is a look at the best and worst of Vin Diesel's film career. Bing: More about 'Riddick' | More about Vin DieselWhat movie do you think is Vin Diesel's best? What is his worst? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page and on Twitter. (Universal Pictures) 
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