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The great outdoors

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Summer travel ideas inspired by the moviesBy Frank PaivaSpecial to MSN MoviesWhy do audiences flock to the multiplex during the summer? It's the nicest time of the year. The kids are off from school. Exciting outdoor events fill up the social calendar. Ice cream is readily available from mobile units playing "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" Summer is a beautiful time to be alive, so why would anyone want to sit in a dark box where they have to be quiet for several hours? Popcorn is cheaper at home and air conditioning is available elsewhere.Perhaps it's because of these fair-weather attractions that Hollywood unleashes its biggest projects during the sunny months. A lazy day lounging in the park is great, but it's also nice to catch up with old friends from "Star Trek," "Iron Man," "X-Men," "Despicable Me" and "Monsters, Inc." Summer 2013 is stuffed with sequels of beloved properties hoping to take your time away from volunteering at the community garden. If the battle is "Man of Steel" vs. tending kale, the former wins every time.Bing: More about 'National Lampoon's Vacation' | More about 'The Beach'Summer is also a popular time to travel. Or at least to think about traveling. How many years have you and a group of friends discussed taking a trip but you didn't end up going anywhere further than the bar down the street? Break the pattern. The movies can be your guide.Your summer vacation can be a family trip to Disneyworld, a camping adventure in the next county over, or a jaunt through the French countryside. The place doesn't matter. It's the people you take along with you. The sequels to "Smurfs," "Grown Ups," "Percy Jackson," "Red" and "Kick-Ass" will be right there waiting when you get back.To get the ball rolling, here are some movies with gorgeous scenery that will inspire you to finally cash in those frequent-flier miles.What's your dream vacation? Where are you going this summer with friends or family? Do you wish Walley World was a real theme park? Let us know on our MSN Movies Facebook page.(Sony Pictures Classics/Warner Bros./20th Century FOX)
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