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The Hard Women of Network TV

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Jane Vasco in "Painkiller Jane" (Kristanna Loken)Jane is a tough cookie. She is rugged, acerbic and assertive. She's seen it all and isn't shy about setting forth her views on bureaucratic procedures and other impediments to action. She can drink you under the table. Basically, she is more of a man than you are. Jane is a former DEA agent recruited for an elite team whose sole function is to find and neutralize "neuros" (human mutants with unusual mental and physical powers). Like Claire Bennet, the invulnerable cheerleader on "Heroes," Jane is impervious to injury, hence a neuro herself, an added plus in any number of ways to her new career. Jane lives in a dystopian world of littered alleys, where open pipes hiss steam and dark cramped apartments shut off from the outside world. And there is something grungy about her. Like her punk-goth-riot grrl antecedents, Jane is unkempt and her clothes seem ad hoc, generally a form of military ensemble. She is prominently tattooed. Compared with, say, the overly coifed and painted ladies over at "Age of Love," Painkiller Jane seems like a sorority mother's nightmare.
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