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The Huffington Post 2010 "Game Changers" Event Hosted By Arianna Huffington - Inside

Slide 1 of 39: Michael Hastings and Jann Wenner attend the Huffington Post 2010 "Game Changers" event hosted by Arianna Huffington at Skylight Studio on October 28, 2010 in New York, City.

Michael Hastings and <a href=/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=222591 type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableMoviePerson" Arg="222591" LinkType="Page">Jann Wenner</a> attend the Huffington Post 2010 &amp;quot;Game Changers&amp;quot; event hosted by <a href=/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=494488 type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableMoviePerson" Arg="494488" LinkType="Page">Arianna Huffington</a> at Skylight Studio on October 28, 2010 in <a href=/movies/movie.aspx?m=2268226 type="Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkableMovie" Arg="2268226" LinkType="Page">New York</a>, City.

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