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The Most Unforgettable Teachers In Movies

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As kids head back to school, we celebrate admirable and quirky educators in film By Myriam Gabriel-PollockSpecial to MSN MoviesIt's that time of year again.  Kids in their bright new clothes, lined up for the big yellow bus, their backpacks filled with school supplies and a nutritious lunch packed away in their BPA-free, reusable lunch containers.  Parents waving happy goodbyes, sighing with relief that they've survived another summer break with the house still standing.  It's a Norman Rockwell scene, slightly updated for 2012.With summer over and kids back in the classroom, that means they'll be spending approximately six to seven hours a day with their teachers, five days a week.  Teachers are comparable to heroes in my book.  Presiding over so many children all day, dealing with all their needs and squabbles and messes for nine months out of the year -- all while getting them to learn and enjoy the experience.  We can only hope teachers' health-care coverage includes mental health.Bing: More about 'Mean Girls' | More about 'Dead Poets Society'It's no wonder we all remember at least one teacher who made an impression on us -- whether it be good or bad.  Teachers whom we admired, hated, feared, or had a crush on.  Classes where you thrived, failed pathetically, cheated in, or just barely passed.  School is a jungle, and the right -- or wrong -- teacher can make a difference on your chances for survival.Related: High school cliques on TVLet's have a look at some of the most unforgettable teachers in the movies.  Some you may wish you could have had, and a few you'll be glad you didn't!For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter. (Buena Vista Pictures/Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros.)
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