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The Romance Report for June 6

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 4

Bradley enjoys beachy make-out session during movie breakDoes the appeal of a man in uniform still happen if the uniform is a costume? It did for Bradley Cooper's girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, who puckered up with him Wednesday on the Malibu set of his Navy SEAL flick "American Sniper."Seemingly undisturbed by the presence of the nearby film crew and the paparazzi, Cooper, 39, and Waterhouse, 22, kissed, cuddled and generally put on a good show of PDA.The pair have been together for more than a year, defying naysayers (ahem) who figured the 17-year age difference would quickly do them in. But the body language still appears a wee bit forced, what with his left arm at his side, her left arm between them and their lack of full lower-body contact. Perhaps B.Coop was just put off that the leggy model-actress appeared to wearing the same short-shorts he was photographed in earlier this week.
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