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The Shortlist for April 1

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Jennifer Love Hewitt jokes about pregnancy cleavage on 'Ellen'The last time Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," her low, low (did we say low?)-cut black dress showed off so much chest that it kinda stole the show. She covered up a bit more before stopping by to see Ellen on Tuesday, and took the opportunity to explain her previous, chest-tastic self."I was already pregnant and I couldn't tell anybody," she admitted (via E!). "The wardrobe [department] put me in this dress and I had to be just like, 'Oh, awesome. This looks great.' And [my boobs] were like up here and I came out and all I saw was your face and you were like, 'Hey!' And then [guest co-host Matthew Perry] was like, 'hi,' and I was like, 'Hello!'"After J. Love and Ellen had a chuckle, they moved on to discussing more serious matters -- like her 5-month-old daughter's affection for Pharrell and Drake."She's big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason," Hewitt said of Autumn, who arrived in November. "She does the Dougie … I take her arms and do the Dougie … The second the show comes on and you start dancing she like she does this weird kick thing with her leg and she gets her little chair. She loves it. I think she's gonna be a dancer. I really do. She loves it."
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