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The Shortlist for April 29

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Chris Brown's dad thinks the Breezy-Rihanna reunion is a bad idea"I personally really didn't want him and Rihanna back together." That's Clinton Brown's blunt reaction to his son, Chris' rekindled relationship with Rihanna four years after Chris brutally assaulted her the night of the Grammys, ending things between them temporarily."You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical," the elder Brown -- who also suggested that "wholesome and pretty" Jordin Sparks would be a better mate for Chris -- told the Daily News.Perhaps less surprising than the pseudo-Sparks-match-making were Clinton Brown's comments on the 2009 attack during which his son punched his then-girlfriend repeatedly in the face, bit her and squeezed her throat until she couldn't breathe -- on what should have been one of the biggest nights of their careers."One has to assume because they are back together that it wasn't one-sided," said Chris' dad. "You just have to imagine it was a circumstance in which they both had a disagreement."The 48-year-old prison officer added that if Rihanna were to alter "some of her party antics," she "would make a good mom."
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