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The Shortlist for April 30

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Lindsay Lohan in talks to start a fashion/arts/rehab blogThis summer, the world may finally be treated to a glimpse of what makes Lindsay Lohan tick … like a flame-haired time bomb. The actress is negotiating with to start her own blog, Page Six reports. The initial focus would be her court-ordered 90-day rehab stint (sample post: "Today I admitted that I am powerless over pretty necklaces and the Pacific Coast Highway, and that my court deposition schedule has become unmanageable"). The plan would be for LiLo to eventually delve into coverage of fashion, movies and music.But there are so many other areas of life that Lindsay is uniquely poised to write about. For example, while hitting the town on Saturday night, she managed to get her Porsche towed. Linds later posted this photo on Instagram, documenting her memorable visit to the Brooklyn tow yard (the pic's caption: "My girls at towing place!"). Given her evident enthusiasm about the impound lot, why not also use the blog to write about all her vehicular infraction-related experiences? She could even include a style guide exploring the difference in fashion trends at traffic court versus felony hearings.In any case, Lohan's next rehab stint/adventure in literary journalism reportedly begins Thursday at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, N.Y.
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