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The Shortlist for April 9

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Joe Jonas implies Bieber's downward spiral has to do with his father's partyingAt 24, Joe Jonas is becoming old enough to worry about his younger music business peers -- particularly, Justin Bieber. Starring in a new spread for Scene magazine, Jonas takes a break from discussing his new solo album to opine on the reason for Bieber's seemingly out of control behavior."I've had an easier route than most. The youngsters just turning 20, the Biebers of the world, are under a microscope," Jonas points out. "Bieber is having a very tough time finding balance. I think we all saw it coming. Your dad is your party animal – that's going to sum it up pretty quick. There's an equation for some sort of explosion."The dad in question here is Jeremy Bieber, who has been photographed with his underage son at strip clubs, surrounded by what appear to be beer cans following Justin's DUI arrest and possibly joined Justin on a flight during which Justin was allegedly verbally abusive to the staff while smoking pot.
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