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The Shortlist for Feb. 28

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Robert Pattinson skips with cows in new memeSorry, sad Keanu. You've officially been replaced. A handful of photos shot while Robert Pattinson was filming "Life" in Toronto this week show the "Twilight" hunk wallking a cow on a makeshift leash, which would be weirdly awesome in its own right. But since R.Pattz pretty much grinned and even appeared to be skipping in multiple photos, they've already made their way to meme-central. E! News put together a particularly nice Robert Pattinson Skipping With Cows pastiche which shows Kristen Stewart's ex frolicking in a bovine bedecked winter wonderland alongside an Olympic figure skater, some Segway riders, a twerking Miley Cyrus and the Gravity promo poster.Happy Friday, peeps.
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