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The Shortlist for Jan. 22

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Justin Bieber's mom wants you to pray for himLately, Justin Bieber's become more famous for his "alleged" bad behavior than his music, with a police investigation, drug use allegations and a handful of vandalism charges overshadowing his tour dates. But the Biebs' mom, Pattie Mallette, wants all you Beliebers out there to keep the faith. After all, she tells The Sun, the world of showbiz is a dark place, and struggling young celebs need our prayers not our judgement."I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they get influenced somehow," said Mallette, who had Justin when she was a teenager and who also struggled with substance abuse issues in her youth. "I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day," she added. "'If Justin's struggling, don't kick him when he's down or condemn him -- pray for him."The Biebs, meanwhile, is apparently enjoying a smoky taste of Cuba after a quick trip to a Miami strip club where he allegedly tossed $75k at the ladies on stage.
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