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The Shortlist for June 13

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Katy Perry leads a team of wig-wearing, crime-fighting kitties in new adThree years after donning a skintight purple catsuit and tail to advertise her cat-themed fragrance, Purr, Katy Perry has found another way to monetize her affection for meowing. This one involves cats in wigs with superhero names (bad superhero names -- like Lulu and Widget), a bat-cave-esque Katy and the Popcats HQ (let's call it the cat box) a Fat Cat villain and a few auto-tuned "meows." It all comes together … sort of … as a commercial for Popchips, (Katy is an investor in the brand, according to Forbes). In the three-plus minute long ad, a rapping Katy and her wig-bedecked, typing, driving pussycats are out to stop Fat Cat and his German accent from selling fat-laden snacks to the world. As Katy and krewe fight Herr Fat Cat, he employs tactics like confusing Katy's raver-style kitties with laser pointers, and hypnotizing their fearless leader with an array of multi-colored wigs -- before a paw to the face slaps her out of it. Whether the ad sells chips remains to be seen. But if Katy opens a wig store for cats, we are so there ...
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