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The Shortlist for June 7

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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy commiserate about parenting in Hollywood"Heat" co-stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy met on the job, but their friendship has since grown roots. In this weekend's issue of Parade, the pair chat about why they click and commiserate about shared circumstances like motherhood in the world of Hollywood."Having kids connected us on a deeper level. And the things we're obsessed with outside of being a mom are the same, too: construction and house renovation … We're kindred spirits in that world," says Bullock, adding that she'd love to have her own version of "a beer den with Barcaloungers" that she could share with her new pal. Not that parenting is all fun and games. Bullock says that when cameras follow her and her son, Louis, to school she tries to protect him. "He doesn't like [the paparazzi]. He gives them the stink eye, and they're like, 'That's such an angry kid,' but I look at them and say, ‘Only when you guys are around … I don't raise Louis in Hollywood. I raise him in my world. To me the good thing about living in L.A. is diversity in lifestyle choices, color and religion. I want Louis to look around and see every color under the sun. I also have the luxury of splitting my time between L.A. and Austin."McCarthy agrees that raising kids in Los Angeles can be trying. "Ben [Falcone] and I have absolutely nothing to do with the Hollywood that's all actors and the Sunset Strip," she says. "We crave talking to people who do different things and are passionate about it. We have some of the most rock-solid, lovely friends in the world."
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