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The Shortlist for March 27

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Channing Tatum sings, sends video kiss to teen with stage-4 cancerThere's some good in the world -- and in Hollywood -- after all. An 18-year-old high school student named Alisa Finley has been battling stage 4 brain cancer since 2012. In an effort to be proactive about her condition, she recently made a bucket list of things she wanted to do or try and posted it on Facebook. At the top of the list? Kiss Channing Tatum. Below her No. 1 wish were fun, silly ideas like trying all the cheesecakes at the cheesecake factory and paying for something entirely in pennies. Well, it turns out her friends -- and eventually a whole lot of strangers -- were gung ho on making her dreams come true. As the bucket list went viral, Alisa found herself knocking out those wishes one by one -- except for No. 1. Enter Channing Tatum."Hey, Alisa, what's goin' on, it's Chan," That's how a video called "A Kiss for Alisa" that the actor recently made for Alisa begins. As the clip proceeds, the "Magic Mike" star gets adorably shy and giggly. "Just wanted to send you a little vid and say what's up and hope you're doing good today," he says casually. "And … oh, we were at the Oscars the other night and Pharrell came on and we can't ever be, you know, not dancing and happy when that song comes on … So we made a little ditty, a little song for you…" Before seguing into a clip of him singing a personalized version of "Happy" to Alisa from the Oscar red carpet, he adds, "Just know that you're loved and that we're givin' you a big ole kiss from over here. Mwah."Here's hoping Alisa finds the whole thing as swoonerific as we do!
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