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The Shortlist for May 9

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James Franco says that underwear selfie was 'what the people want'David Letterman has a way of making folks squirm. Take James Franco, who appeared on Letterman's show Thursday night, and quickly found himself in the hot seat regarding a photo he recently shared (and subsequently deleted) on Instagram. In the pic, an underwear-clad Franco can be seen with one hand in his briefs, pulling them south."What do you do? You take pictures of everything in your life?" Letterman asked (via E! News).Explaining that he finds selfie-posting "fun," Franco replied, "It's something I don't put a ton of thought into, but it gets a lot of attention. I have a lot of followers on Instagram."And then Letterman showed the audience the now infamous underwear selfie. After blurting out the word, "awful," Franco tried to share what was going through his mind when he posted the racy pic, saying,"Like that Britney Spears shaved head moment, where it's sort of like, 'All right, you want me? Here you can have me, but I am going to be really ugly."After some pressing from Letterman, Franco cut him off to clarify: "It's not like I'm putting that on billboards. Ostensibly, Instagram is for my fans. But now all the bloggers are following me on there so they'll just take it and use my images for whatever they want."Quipped the show host: "But you will be the first to admit, looking objectively, it's provocative."Finally, Franco, still smiling, yelled, "I didn't ask you to look at it! It's what the people want!"Perhaps a poll of "the people" is in order ...
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