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The Shortlist for Nov. 12

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Justin Timberlake slams critics and expounds on the virtues of being uncool in GQ's Men of the Year issueOne of five actors honored as GQ's Men of the Year for 2013, Justin Timberlake has eschewed Hollywood's straight-and-narrow path for years, veering back and forth between movie star and singer, and taking on roles more risky than your typical rom-com leading man. In part, that may have to do with his Memphis upbringing -- a background that apparently left him easily frustrated with Tinseltown's bigwigs and critics."[Memphis is] a struggling city with a defeatist attitude. I'm from this town, and I grew up with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder, so sometimes I find it funny that I've been able to acquire the patience it takes to be kind to people in our business," he tells the magazine. "Because sometimes I just want to f----- kill everybody." He says the Hollywood press' not-so-nice reaction to his film, "Runner, Runner," for example, "just shocked me because, like, you're trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it."That kind of trash-talking, however, seems less about JT's ego than it is about his passion. "Listen, I'm not cool. Being cool is about keeping your blood pressure steady," he says. "So no. Don't be cool. Be passionate. Be dedicated. Be tenacious. Be uncompromising. Be pissed. Be happy. Be sad. … I've made a career out of doing things that I should not be doing. I wasn't cool about it. Because being cool would have meant I passed up on those opportunities. If you do that, it's because you're afraid. And what are you afraid of? You know?"Timberlake joins co-Men of the Year, Matthew McConaughey, Kendrick Lamar, Will Ferrell and James Gandolfini, on new GQ covers hitting newsstands this week.
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