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The taxman cometh: IRS seizes Lindsay Lohan's bank accounts

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The legal system has long let Lindsay Lohan's bad behavior slide. So have multiple rehab facilities and the producers of "Liz & Dick." But now the trouble-steeped starlet is facing an adversary who won't be blinded by her notoriety or allow her to pull her usual move of deflecting responsibility.TMZ reports that the Internal Revenue Service has seized all of Lindsay's bank accounts due to her outstanding tax debts from 2009-2011, a move that comes just days after she was arrested for purportedly clocking a psychic in the face at a New York nightclub.But wait, you might be thinking. Didn't Charlie Sheen just cough up $100,000 for LiLo's 2009 tax bill? He did, but apparently that money "barely scratched the surface" of what she owes in unpaid federal taxes (in tax liens filed for 2009 and 2010, she's on the hook for $233,904). According to TMZ, the IRS has been more than patient with Lindsay, but finally reached its limit. She's said to be in "full-on panic mode about her financial situation, and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the red." That might explain why she was reportedly carrying around $10,000 in cash before her club arrest instead of depositing it in a bank or hiding it under a mattress like a normal person. Meanwhile, on the heels of a report that Lohan has been downing two liters of vodka a day, comes word from TMZ that she's refusing pleas from her inner circle to return for yet another rehab stint (we think this would make six, but it's hard to keep track).Seems her friends feel a preemptive check-in might help her probation violation case, but Lindsay, 26 (yep, still just 26), denies she has a booze problem and insists she won't seek treatment "as a way to try and avoid jail time."Still, Lohan is apparently panicking at the possibility of ending up in the pokey again. Click on for more ...
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