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The Votes Are In And America Has A New 'Idol' – Who Won?


WARNING: American Idol Spoilers Ahead!

American Idol Season 13 began in January and quickly the show whittled down the Idol hopefuls to thirteen finalists. On Tuesday, after weeks of heartfelt performances and hard fought battles to win the votes of viewers, it all came down to two powerful performers: rock singer Caleb Johnson and the soulful Jena Irene Asciutto.

When the music-packed two-hour finale reached its end, after what seemed like dozens of giant spectacle performances from some of the biggest and most beloved names in music, Idol crowned a new winner, and it was Caleb Johnson!

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Before the announcement was made, the two-hour show played more like a massive concert or a music festival than a reality show. Huge musical stars like Demi Lovato, John Legend, Jason Mraz, Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum took the stage, and were joined by former Season 13 contestants who got to enjoy the thrill of playing with their icons.

But it wasn't just past contestants who got to join in on the fun. Caleb Johnson had the opportunity to rock out with the legendary band KISS, where Caleb and frontman Gene Simmons shared a mic as they belted out the lyrics of KISS's hit 1977 single Love Gun.

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Jena also got a chance to sing with her "favorite band." Jena took to her piano to sing her rendition of Paramore's Decode, then she got up to introduce Paramore itself. Frontwoman Hayley Williams, sporting neon pink streaks in her hair and decked out in punker clothes, performed Decode with Jena, getting the crowd on its feet and cheering.

Even the judges took to the stage. At the start of the show, Jennifer Lopez performed a rocking solo number, and later, before the final winner announcement was made, all three judges performed a mash-up of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors and Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way.

It was the first time in Idol history that the show's judges all performed together. Harry played piano, while Keith and Randy Jackson, who served as a contestant mentor this season, rocked guitars and J Lo provided the vocals.

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Even Ryan Seacrest got in on the singing when he performed the song Right Here Waiting, and it was as terrible as you would imagine. However, it was just a fun introduction for Richard Marks, who performed his classic song to a mesmerized crowd.

In one of the best moments of the whole night, the American Idol producers let the brilliant folks behind the web comedy phenomenon Bad Lip Reading take a crack at dubbing over some of the show's past performances, making the judges and the contestants look like they were speaking utter gibberish.

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It might be a juvenile joke, but it was successfully funny. Added to the fact that the segment was presented with very little introduction and immediately cut to a real performance by Aloe Blacc, it undoubtedly left some viewers very confused. But for those in on the joke it was genius.

Finally, at the end of the evening, after the lights dimmed for the last time this season, Seacrest read Caleb's name aloud and immediately the audience went wild. Caleb and Jena hugged and congratulated each other, before Caleb was given a mic, and one last chance to amaze the crowd.

Battling through tears of joy, smiles, and laughs, all of the Season 13 finalists came on stage to congratulate him. Caleb managed to finally sing a few lines of his final song while walking through the audiences, high-fiving fans and embracing his family.

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